The Future Of Universal Themes

Blockbase was created as a “universal” parent theme. The aim of universal themes was to help us the transition from Classic themes to Block themes, while the Site Editor was still in development. Blockbase was instrumental in helping us make this transition.

Universal themes inevitably make some compromises to make it possible to customize them using Classic theme tools. Block themes on the other hand are becoming more powerful as more features are added to Gutenberg.

At the same time, the Site Editor is becoming a more mature tool and consequently, the value of Universal themes is diminishing. Consequently Blockbase no longer offers the same benefits as it once did.

What parent theme should I be using?

The utility of parent Block themes depends on your use case. In many situations it is not necessary or even optimal to use a parent theme at all.

One option to consider is Block Canvas which can either be used as a parent theme, or can be cloned to create a new theme using the Create Block Theme plugin.

As for the future of Blockbase, we don’t anticipate making any significant changes to this theme, but we are committed to maintaining it for the foreseeable future.

3 responses to “The Future Of Universal Themes”

  1. is it possible to disable the premade patterns?

    1. Yes. You should be able to use the WordPress function `unregister_block_pattern` to remove them from child themes. However if you’re going to do this it might be easier to just fork Blockbase rather than have a child theme.

  2. […] Team Announces Blockbase, Its New Block Parent ThemeOn the blockbase site they suggest Block Canvas. yes, thank you. Block Canvas is recommended now.Your email address will not be published. […]

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